Our software solutions cover the major aspects of a construction project

We offer a portfolio of award-winning products with a defined focus on delivering solutions for 5D BIM.  Our pioneering applications are available to those primarily involved in construction projects from early conceptual design planning through to fully managed build programs and long term facilities management.  We also offer sophisticated digital marketing systems to the interior surfaces industry.

Elecosoft is a progressive and forward looking Group and we aim to continue our commitment to software innovation and development to become the leading provider of construction and digital marketing solutions.

Trusted by companies all around the world

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We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and partners; and at the same time we recognise the our responsibility, as a technology provider of premium software, toward driving the performance and day-to-day operations of our customers’ businesses. Product integrity and long-term customer relationships are at the very core of our software development strategy.

We employ circa 200 staff in the UK, Sweden Germany, Benelux and the US.

Who we are

Elecosoft is a well established software company with a strong portfolio of solutions

Elecosoft currently comprises of operations in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Benelux and the US.  We primarily market and sell software applications directly to many leading construction companies in our local territories and also sell through dealer and channel partner networks in other international markets in Eastern Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand.