A scalable costing tool to help with projects of all sizes

Bidcon allows you to define the way you want to work. Its flexible and dynamic templates and reports enable you to identify the most cost-effective solutions and revise estimates accordingly. It is also available with a BIM option which gives a true 5D environment for costing and estimating.

Why choose Bidcon?

Based on a powerful SQL database, Bidcon helps you improve efficiency in managing your bids and handing them over to the next stage.

  • Build the estimate or budget plan in a way that suits you and gives the option to implement a company standard
  • Quickly and easily locate and manage your estimates and the large library of resources
  • Consistently compare revisions and carry out real time ‘what if’ assessments
  • Customise dynamic reports and filters to provide ultimate visibility – allowing you summarise information to exactly match your requirements
  • Compare responses to trade packages to clearly identify the sources of the most cost-effective items and the difference they make to the totals
  • Manage mark-up factors at both high and low levels to work towards a desired tender sum, whilst ensuring that the project provides the necessary revenue for the business
  • Manage information in a Common Data Environment, whether you are using a 3D IFC model or not
  • Use the built-in NRM framework and the user-definable ‘free code’ to add additional intelligence to your cost plan

Combined with Asta Powerproject BIM, Bidcon provides a tool kit for 5D planning

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Bidcon BIM

Bidcon BIM provides the functionality required to manage
your costs via an IFC model.
  • Extract

    Create a cost plan from the federated BIM, compare revisions and review.

  • Link with the model

    Link the objects to an existing cost plan or use the automatically linked objects when performing a takeoff.

  • Navigate

    ‘Walk’ around or through the model and easily access the right information.

  • True 5D BIM

    Create a fully-resourced programme in Asta Powerproject BIM by linking to rate build-ups associated with the cost plan.

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