Powerproject Enterprise Proves an Asset for Plant and Vehicle Planning at FM Conway Ltd

FM Conway Ltd can, at any time, have between 200 and 500 individual projects either underway or in planning, as it supports customers such as the London Boroughs, Transport for London and the Highways Agency in maintaining the UK’s infrastructure. Today it uses Powerproject Enterprise to monitor the assets and staff utilisation across its concurrent projects. Powerproject Enterprise has brought FM Conway a level of control and planning.

“We use Powerproject Enterprise to coordinate the assets across our projects; we programme current and future projects and assign our assets to them, to gain a better understanding of what else we might need. Powerproject is also used to plan our staffing on projects to ensure that skills are used appropriately.” 

Paul Cerexhe, Business Improvement Manager for FM Conway, wanted a way to track and plan company plant and vehicles better and to share information across the business. Paul had used Powerproject as a standalone product for a while, before deciding that the Enterprise version was the only way forward.

“Powerproject Enterprise is really powerful in comparison to some other systems, and it is very scalable so you can grow it as large as required.”

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FM Conway Ltd

FM Conway Ltd is a leading infrastructure services company delivering vital services
in transportation, the built environment and open spaces for communities and business. The company has more than 50 years’ experience in the design and delivery of successful highways maintenance programmes for both public and private sector clients. FM Conway helps to maintain, resurface and repair the highways, roads and bridges of London and the South East and as far north as the Midlands.


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