Interserve Uses Powerproject and Site Progress Mobile for Their Project Planning

Powerproject, University of York

The contract to develop the £9.5m science building at the University of York marked the first project with a new client. Interserve knew that delighting the client at the University of York was vital. A tight timeline and complex connection to the existing Biomedical and Natural Sciences building meant a need for precision programming as well as client care and communication. The team used Powerproject to plot out multiple programme paths, retain significant float, and adapt in real time to client requests and design changes to the Biology Phase 2 building.

Interserve’s focus on programme excellence, use of 4D visualisation, and maintenance of the client relationship, helped them hand over the building on time, on budget and exceed the client’s expectations.

“We used the Powerproject 4D model in the background as a fact-finding tool. It helped us to visualise progress and build our own knowledge of that progress.”

Site Progress Mobile, Seven Schools

On a recent project to deliver seven schools simultaneously across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire, Interserve explored what Powerproject’s companion app, Site Progress Mobile, could do to improve the collection, management and integration of progress updates, and discovered significant benefits in terms of time. The app is specifically designed to help track progress on the move and out on site.

Peter explained that: “Before Site progress Mobile, capturing progress updates was time consuming. By the time you had walked the site, gone top to bottom of the building, input the data into the programme, assessed progress achieved, and spoken to the construction team, it would take the best part of a day. Following that, we still had to format progress reports to be issued.”

“With Site Progress Mobile, it took us between a third, to a half, of the original time.”

About Interserve

Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies, headquartered in the UK. They are a leader in innovative and sustainable outcomes for their clients and offer construction, equipment services, facilities management and frontline public services.

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