As a family-owned business, Osborne aims to be an environment in which its people and projects both thrive. Its project successes have helped it become a leading UK contractor. When it took on the complicated and highly visible project at Mercers Walk, it made sure to put the right manager with the right experience in charge. Senior Project Manager, Gerry Lavelle chose Powerproject to manage programme and progress, which helped him to bring it to an early and successful completion, adding measurable value to both the contract and the client in the process.

Managing this project was always going to be a complex task requiring great care. Potentially, compensation penalties were at stake if local businesses were compromised, and the timescales were tight. From the outset, Gerry sought ways to de-risk wherever possible. His experience suggested to him that it might be possible to simplify some of the plans. “The one thing about Powerproject is that it’s a very easily understood visual” he said.

The final programme featured more than 1100 activity lines. Despite its challenges, changes and surprises, the project was handed over on budget, and ahead of both the target and contract schedule. Gerry believes that the software had an integral role to play, saying: “I couldn’t have managed this project without Powerproject because I feel so comfortable and relaxed using it. Because I was going to be the instrument of success, I needed a tool I understood and could use to show my ideas to others.” Read the full case study here.