APP Consultoría – Project Management Consulting

APP Consultoría (APP) provides innovative Project Management and BIM software solutions as well as top class certified training, consulting, integration and support services to improve visibility across all of project data.

Through a unique combination of technology and services, APP is able to provide an end-to-end digital technology to project and program management needs of organizations across Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and other countries in Latin America, Middle East and Africa regardless of their project size or complexity.

Our primary product set is produced by Elecosoft. With a rich understanding of Project Management Software, a results-oriented approach to project management systems and consulting services, APP successfully implements Powerproject solutions to help you.

Contact Person: Mevlut Tuna
General inquiries email:
Tel: +1 315 791 7720 or +34 662 238 164

PM ERA Inc. (For the clients located in Ontario)

Over the past 10 years, PM ERA’s vision has been to create more efficient project management practices and professional services for businesses around the world. PM ERA has the mission to empower the clients to achieve their goals while valuing efficiency, creativity, and inclusion.

PM ERA’s focus is on effective project management practices that consistently add value to our customers’ business by understanding, anticipating, and fulfilling their needs, expectations, and opportunities.

At PM ERA, we understand that a one-size-fits-all strategy does not work for every organization. Our high-level process begins with getting to know our clients, their company and their specific goals and objectives. We dig deep to ascertain the expectations, the parameters of the project and the characteristics of the environment in which we will work.

Contact Person: Babak Mohseni
General inquiries email:
Tel: +1 (416) 549-8016

Petroglyph Project Analytics & Consulting Inc. (For the clients located in Western & Northern Canada)

Petroglyph Project Analytics & Consulting Inc. (PPA) is a project services consulting company that is primarily engaged by their global client base to help facilitate reliable project schedule, budget and execution plans.

Operating out of offices in both South & North America PPA has over 30 years’ experience with complex and competitive projects in industries ranging from construction, biotechnology production facilities, pipelines, roads and power transmission to large oil & gas projects.

PPA excels at providing proven project management software tools, sales, training and consulting services, both on site and online, throughout the Americas.

Contact Person: Bruce Thomas
Toll Free: 1-800-983-2826 Ext 103
Mobile: +1 403 472 1584

Diripro (pour les clients situés au Québec & Canada)

Diripro supporte ses clients pour des services de gestion de projet, dans différents domaines pour la planification de projets, le contrôle des coûts, la mise en fonction de logiciels ainsi que les rapports et les tableaux de bord.

Nos services visent à ajouter de la flexibilité aux processus de contrôle de projet, à la planification, au suivi et à la production des rapports. Avec plus de 13 ans d’expérience, Diripro aide les clients à mettre en valeur les meilleures pratiques, à transférer les connaissances, à mettre en place des outils de gestion de projet innovants et à aligner l’équipe pour exécuter et atteindre les objectifs du projet.

Diripro développe et met en œuvre des processus et des méthodologies dans ses activités pour répondre aux normes internationales et aux besoins des clients.

Diripro supports its clients for project management services, in different areas for project planning, cost control, software implementation as well as reports and dashboards.

Our services aim to add flexibility to project control processes, planning, monitoring and reporting. With over 13 years of experience, Diripro helps clients apply best practices, transfer knowledge, implement innovative project management tools and align the team to execute and achieve project goals and objectives.

Diripro develops and implements processes and methodologies in daily activities to meet international standards and customer needs.

Personne-contact: Rida Hariri
Tél: +1 (438) 738-0091
Site Web: