Jason Ruddle, Chief Operating Officer, talks to Building Engineer about how he thinks contractors could utilise the timber framing and other offsite construction approaches to meet government aims to accelerate new build home delivery.

The government has given clear support for modern methods of construction in the new White Paper. They are also supporting infrastructure investment, encouraging development of affordable and starter homes and committing to faster development, aiming to halve the time it takes to deliver new homes.

The unknown labour implications of Brexit are concerning contractors meaning that several key trades are becoming harder to find. Timber frame manufactures are delivering offsite construction and manufacturing to reduce some labour dependencies which is also offering cost, time and quality benefits. Timber frame is a good example of how modern construction methods can support construction businesses.

To meet the government aims to accelerate new build home delivery, we must avoid delay and disruption claims and contract time penalties by using project planning software, get all contractors on the path to BIM and remove some of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive activities from site. According to the latest NHBC research, around 98% of builders are using or considering alternative or modern methods of construction. Timber frame is now represented in 15% of UK housing output, meaning it is one of the post popular prefab sub-assemblies. Read the full article here.