Glasgow-based Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems Ltd. offers timber frame design and manufacturing services covering the entire build process – from the initial design concept through to full structural timber frame erection. As part of the Mactaggart & Mickel Group, it serves its own home-building division, as well as the wider construction market. The company uses Framing software from Elecosoft to create timber housing kits and elements ensuring manufacturing consistency and maintaining optimum production efficiency.

Framing plays a key role in the end-to-end process in the company as it helps them to design the complete structural timber kit. The software generates detailed designs for their production team to manufacture into a finished timber frame panel or floor cassette. It has replaced slow, manual design and paper-based production management processes with more controllable automatic ones, as well as reducing the risk of human error. General Manager, Stuart Douglas said that: “The cost of the Framing software, compared to what it does for us in terms of delivering the saving on production time, is great value for money.” Read the full case study here.