26 October 2020, London, UK

The High Streets Development Conference is set to bring together the construction and property industry alongside the public sector to drive investment and regeneration to revitalise our high streets across the UK.

UK high streets are changing – and with the major shift to online retail towns and cities are facing their biggest ever challenge. But challenges also bring major opportunity, and innovative retail solutions, placemaking, new ways of working and more are all changing the way our high streets look, and Built Environment Networking (BE) are set to gather those behind huge high street development projects to discuss plans.

BE will discuss, debate and share intel on the ever-changing high street and the impact it will have on the built environment. Hearing from the council’s leading the way, and the developers who’re actively transforming cities and towns across the UK. Click here to find out more.

We will be exhibiting IconSystem, our design specification and property management system.

Location: Kensington Town Hall, London, Hornton Street, W8 7NX

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