Pinewood Structures drives quality with Elecosoft’s Framing software

Framing software from Elecosoft has played an increasing role in helping Pinewood achieve the quality production for which the company is renowned. The company uses Framing to manage all the scheduling of its timber frame wall outputs, and drive the manufacturing process. The software controls the generation of design drawings,  delivery tickets, bills of materials and files for the cutting saws.

The use of software enables Pinewood to deliver a completely consistent and standardised product, including their proprietary Quantum™ high performance timber frame, since everything is built in a controlled environment.

“This is where Framing comes in” said Nick “Framing affects how we run our factory. The software gives us control, so we can deliver that completely consistent product to site.”

Framing software supports the production process from initial design through to production, helping to turn architects’ design ideas into fully calculated, actionable designs that can drive production.

The system plays a significant role in helping Nick manage both quality and information associated with the design and production process, as he outlined:

“The benefit it brings is not just using that data itself but linking it everywhere in the business. What comes out is not just a drawing – it’s all the information we need to run our business. It can help us order, track costs, and be so much more than people imagine a drawing can be.”

Today’s standards for precision production quality, as well as design and production speed, could not be achieved without software support. Framing software plays a key role in automating what used to be an intensely manual process requiring numerous highly trained people.

As well as using fewer employees to service this key stage of the design and production process, the software can significantly accelerate the time it takes and level of  roductivity, as Nick stated: “The Framing software gives us a massive speed benefit between getting the drawing signed off to getting the information to the shop floor.”

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About Pinewood Structures

Framing Customer PinewoodPinewood Structures is one of the largest UK providers of timber frame homes and modern sustainable structural solutions. Its success depends on assuring customers of the highest quality outputs every single time. The company ensures that they keep one step ahead of the ever changing UK Building Regulations with their common sense solution led approach.