Do you avoid using a planning tool for your construction projects because:

  • It’s too expensive
  • It’s far too complex
  • You can ‘get by’ with a spreadsheet for most jobs

In this webinar we’ll show you that a construction plan need not be that hard to create. We’ll show you how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to create and manage a plan. We’ll even demonstrate how to ensure your plan is rock solid and valid and will hold up to the scheduling gurus.

Don’t be intimidated by planning complexity. Spend a little time in this webinar and learn how you can improve your project management with confidence.

This free webinar is brought to you by the Australian Institute of Building and Elecosoft, the makers of Powerproject.

All webinar attendees will be given a free 14-day full-working version trial of Powerproject, the tool we’ll use in the webinar

Elecosoft is a national CPD partner with AIB

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