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Construction technology

The market for BIM has expanded greatly with the rise in construction activities around the globe. The major factors driving the growth of BIM market are desires for increased efficiency, long-term estimation of the project, and augmented workflow. Furthermore, government regulatory bodies undertaking construction activities are taking initiatives to raise the adoption of BIM in their respective countries. A large number of AEC small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have started adopting BIM.


Top innovations in construction

New materials and energy, design approaches, as well as advances in digital technology and big data, are creating a wave of innovation within the construction industry.

The NBS National BIM Report 2015 found that 75% of UK businesses work collaboratively, and 68% produce 3D models. 54% share models outside of their organisations. These are criteria for Level 2 BIM. However, looking to further BIM maturity, less than a third use one model throughout the life of a project.

The primary barrier to adoption is a lack of in-house expertise and training; however, those who are yet to adopt BIM do not see it as a passing fad. Only 16% of companies surveyed are not sure that the industry will adopt BIM, and only 11% are unsure of the Government’s commitment to BIM.

Beyond 2016 – Level 3 Building Information Modelling

This strategy for the next stage of the BIM journey is building on the standards and savings being delivered by the BIM Level 2 initiative. Level 3 will enable the interconnected digital design of different elements in a built environment and will extend BIM into the operation of assets over their lifetime.


Elecosoft’s Market Position

Our products are most applicable to architects, project managers, contractors, house builders, staircase, timber frame and flooring manufacturers who require tools to manage complex tasks accurately and efficiently. Elecosoft also has a growing user community outside of the construction industry including pharmaceuticals, transport, warehouse management, information technology and consumer product sales and marketing.

In our core markets we have strong installed bases, for example 90% of the top 100 main construction contractors and house builders in the UK, 14 of the leading construction companies in Germany, 70% of European hardwood flooring manufactures and 49 of the top 100 building companies in Europe are our customers.