Jason Ruddle talks to Building about how he thinks digital skills are in their infancy in construction and the millennial generation is transforming this. We have seen an increasing number of younger professionals attending our recent user meetings across the UK. They are often graduates or relatively new to construction and keenly interested in development directions. They are actively spreading the benefits of digital technology and seeing that construction could evolve from us utilising BIM.

The sector is often accused of changing too slowly, but as shown in last year’s NBS national BIM report, 54% have now adopted, which shows that more are really starting to embrace BIM. It has began to change attitudes and expectations and has started to encourage the digital skills that are critical for success.

Construction professionals who are not of the millennial generation may be a little disconcerted about using BIM as it isn’t always comfortable. However, learning to adapt to the challenges and celebrate the opportunity BIM presents is something we must do as companies that don’t adapt will fall behind. Read the full article here.