Barry O’Kane is an entrepreneur building a business in County Derry in Northern Ireland and he is capitalising on demand for staircase manufacturing services for a thriving local contractor marketplace.

Barry’s staircase design and manufacturing business BFOK Contracts may be young but is growing faster than ever now that he has Staircon and a CNC router in place.

Staircon has eliminated the need for manual calculations and laborious AutoCAD drawings meaning that the firm can design, sell and then deliver staircases to its contractor and private customers faster, with dependable quality, and a turn-key ability to repeat manufacture staircase designs for volume orders.

The ability to speed up complex staircase design is one of the most predominant benefits Barry has experienced with Staircon. He explained that:

“I used to spend every night drawing out designs, which was very labour intensive. With Staircon I now spend a quarter of the time I used to spend drawing out stairs and steps in AutoCAD.”