Asta Powerproject is used by NG Bailey as one of their standard planning tools in engineering, so they turned to Elecosoft when they needed guidance on how the product could be used to set and maintain planning quality needs. Planning Manager Kevin Bingham, a highly experienced Asta Powerproject user, felt he was more than able to create even complex programmes, but had never created a template programme before. This is where he turned to Elecosoft for guidance.

NG Bailey previously had training sessions but felt they needed more specific support and Elecosoft’s consultancy team were able to help. An Elecosoft consultant started with an initial phone conversation and then met for a day’s consulting. Our consultant was well prepared so they were able to work through the day quickly. Kevin said that “it wasn’t a case of ‘read that’ and ‘do that’ – instead” the Elecosoft consultant listened to what they wanted to do, and spoke common sense. “Because Elecosoft’s consultancy team have been there and done this process of standardisation with many other clients, they know all the pitfalls to look out for, and can advise and guide me. The process really delivered very, very useful advice” said Kevin. Read the full case study here.