Following the publication of the report “Climate Declaration of Buildings” by Boverket (the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning) Boverket have selected Elecosoft’s Bidcon as one of three Life Cycle Analysis estimation tools recommended for climate declarations.

Elecosoft Sweden, and Tyréns, Sweden’s largest construction and environmental consultancy, developed the special climate module to produce fast and effective climate and cost analysis.

Sweden’s new mandatory environmental declaration identified Bidcon, a construction calculation programme, as one of the tools able to simplify the work required using the climate module. Bidcon users will be able to automatically generate entire climate estimate reports without any additional work.

This module is a result of the combination of Bidcon’s estimation functionality and a climate database created by Tyréns. Bidcon users will not have to connect each material used with the right emissions factor in order to get both a cost and climate impact, as it will be automatically calculated.

Bidcon’s climate module is available in the Swedish market with two different databases, one for building and one for civil engineering projects.