The Timber Design Studio delivers an expert timber design resource that is accessible for any manufacturer or self-builder. Its physical location has become irrelevant, since designer Luke Walker is able to use his experience to design remotely, deliver designs electronically, and adapt to the standards, supply chain and CNC manufacturing needs of any client quickly and easily.

He can do this thanks to his choice of Framing software from Elecosoft. It delivers a digital timber design working environment that he uses daily to delight his clients in the UK and elsewhere, working on a freelance basis as a virtual member of their team.

Framing is Luke’s default working environment, as he explained: “I’m in the Framing software all day. It’s the first thing I open when I get to the computer… It’s the only programme I need to do my job.”

With Framing such a critical enabling element, Luke relies very much on accessing good support when it is needed – and he has no concerns about that whatsoever. He said: “The absolute best thing about Framing is the people supporting it. Having Elecosoft’s support guys on the end of the line, for technical issues or when I can’t find something, or don’t know how to do something. Just five minutes on the phone, and it’s sorted. If I had to go through endless phone calls or search around trying to find the right person to help, it would be very hard work.”

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