Grupo Residencial has been building communities in Panama since 1984. It is now building thousands of high-quality homes on two significant sites to the east and west of the Panama Canal. Efficient planning of activities at scale helps ensure consistent on time delivery of new homes ready for immediate sale and occupancy.

The company uses Powerproject from Elecosoft to help it schedule activities, and Site Progress Mobile to help it manage the progress of a large number of sub-contractors. Together these are transforming its ability to see, manage and report on its construction projects.

“Before, having 42 houses to prepare for move-in dates might take us 6-7 months. Now we’re doing it in 4-5 months. It has shaved off a lot of time from the whole process.”

True picture of progress

With the progress on many plots to manage simultaneously, keeping an up-to-date picture of that progress from across a large site was previously a huge headache. Grupo Residencial is using Site Progress Mobile to input real-time updates into Powerproject.

The company has a proven business model that is now aided by Powerproject to support its planning and Site Progress Mobile to help maintain a constant accurate view of progress. There seems little doubt that the company will expand and go from strength to strength.

“The Site Progress Mobile app is really a game-changer. It has made a huge difference because it has allowed us to be up to date much more frequently and anticipate issues before they happen.”