John Sisk & Son (Sisk) is an international construction company with an enviable 160-year track record of trust and value. When it was awarded the contract to build hundreds of cabins across hundreds of acres of forest in Ireland, maintaining visibility of hundreds of workers and progress on numerous simultaneous cabin builds could have been very challenging.

As Powerproject users, they were able to deploy Site Progress Mobile to enable managers across the site to gather progress information in real time via their iPhones, and upload it directly into the programme for its leader planner to validate, and thus ensure regular, timely client reporting and work updates for teams across the 400 acre site.

Powerproject is Sisk’s planning software of choice, and its project managers are very familiar with it. When the Center Parcs project was confirmed, Sisk decided to take up Elecosoft’s offer to trial the companion mobile app Site Progress Mobile hoping that it would help them keep a closer eye on activities, resources and progress across this large area. Lead Planner Damien Gallagher believes:

“Digital construction is changing how we deliver and manage projects, and that’s a good thing. Tools like the Site Progress Mobile app help us to take people out from behind desks, marking up progress on drawings or schedules, to managing the work on site – which is exactly where we want them.”

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