mac-group has been well known in the interior fit-out space for a long time, but it is now building a broader future. In the past few years it has expanded firmly into the mainstream construction business. It now has four offices around Ireland and the UK and is still growing.

As mac-group grew, construction operations increased, and projects became larger. The leaders of its Interiors and Construction businesses recognised a need for change.  The company’s response is a bold initiative to make planning excellence a part of the company DNA, supported by Elecosoft’s Powerproject software.

“Powerproject is robust and does absolutely everything we need… Our project teams are using Powerproject because it’s user-friendly and performs like other Windows systems – it is more straight-forward to use than some other project management applications.”

Valerie McNeill, Planning Manager, has been working to instil planning discipline and educate colleagues across the organisation.  The use of Powerproject has been extended to support not just individual projects, but the end-to-end process, as Valerie described: “We now use Powerproject from the prequalification stage, throughout the tendering process, right through to delivering the job.”

Managing sub-contractors is especially important in a business that has founded itself on quality. Valerie said “We have a preferred supply chain comprised of sub-contractors who know how we approach our jobs. We are very tight on quality management on site – everything has to be done in the right way first time round. It’s not for ourselves, but for our customers, to make sure we meet their needs and expectations.”

mac-group is quite clearly determined to stay at the forefront of its sector. Its newly established BIM department is also exploring ways to tie Powerproject into planning via the Powerproject BIM module.