Pinewood Structures is one of the largest UK providers of timber frame homes and modern sustainable structural solutions. Its success depends on assuring customers of the highest quality outputs every time. To help deliver on this, the company uses Framing software from Elecosoft to support precision design, management control and production excellence. The software not only delivers business benefits but is helping to ensure that the company is fully prepared to support its customers’ growing BIM requirements and use of modern construction methods.

Framing supports the production process from the initial design through to production, helping to turn architects’ design ideas into fully calculated, actionable designs that drive the process. Pinewood Structures use Framing to manage all the scheduling of its timber frame wall outputs, and drive manufacturing, enabling them to deliver a completely consistent and standardised product. Framing has played an important role in helping the company achieve the quality production for which it is renowned.

For many years the UK market has slowly increased its use of timber frame and recently, offsite manufacturing. With the current shortage of builders, bricklayers and several other trades, timber frame and other offsite manufacturers have helped by providing a higher quality product than may have been produced on site. Read the full case study here.