Xaar delivers digital piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technologies for the world’s most demanding printing needs. It uses ShireSystem software from Elecosoft for maintenance planning and management, to ensure its precision manufacturing equipment stays operating at peak efficiency and with total accuracy. Every employee across the manufacturing site has access to ShireSystem for fault logging, enabling teams to be despatched fast to fix any problems.

Xaar has created meters in ShireSystem and equipped maintenance engineers with tablets and the MobilePro application. They can now fill and close work orders on the move and monitor the usage of gases and liquid chemicals in real-time to enable planned procurement and schedule machine servicing to match actual production usage.

Ian Rickwood, Project and Equipment Engineering Manager says:


“With ShireSystem reporting we get more accurate data coming out than before. A problem we used to have was that work orders would stay open long after they were physically finished, because the engineer had to log in, close work orders, then return to machines. With MobilePro on their tablets, they can sign off as soon as they are finished. Because the system notes it in real time, data about the mean time to repair, number of work orders and types of issue is accurate and current.”