Site Progress Mobile 2019 - Mobile PhonesWhen customers upgrade to the recently released Powerproject XV they can now gain access to improved functionality in Site Progress Mobile via a new app. The intuitive Site Progress Mobile system allows teams to report and submit progress against Powerproject plans remotely, by using mobile devices. This second generation of the mobile system focuses on improving user experience and accommodating new features, to streamline the progress reporting operation. Enhancements include:

  • Mobile users can record the quantity of work delivered, as a means of progressing their projects. This makes updates from site more accurate.
  • The app allows users to edit and annotate photos, adding comments to highlight snags or reasons for delay.
  • New tasks can be logged via the app, again making sure the report is an accurate record of site activity.

For more information on the new features, click here.

To discuss how to access these improvements please email or call 01844 261700.