Thames Tideway Tunnel is the largest ever infrastructure project undertaken by the UK water industry, and will create a major new sewer that runs for 25km along the path of the River Thames in London. This vast project has multiple project teams, multiple construction sites and schedules, and requires absolute precision at every point of integration. To give project and business leaders the overarching view that they need, it uses TILOS to create a one-page visualisation that helps form a foundation for monthly team meetings, scenario brainstorming, and inter-team collaboration.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a major new sewer, urgently needed to protect the tidal River Thames from pollution, and is due to complete in 2023. As this major project progresses it is vital for all contractors to appreciate and assimilate the whole project, to integrate their works, plan and collaborate effectively. It is for that reason that TILOS has been in use since 2010 to help visualise the entirety of the works. This is a vast project which stretches 25km along the route of the River Thames, lies 65m deep, and which will create a tunnel more than seven metres in diameter. It is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the UK water industry.

TILOS is a software application that is designed for planning, managing and delivering linear construction projects. It combines the flexibility of a drawing package with the power of project management, and to exchange data seamlessly with other major project planning software packages, including the one that is used for the Tideway programme planning. Read the full case study here.