Excel Stairs is a traditional family business that has pushed its way to the forefront of digital design, and the top step of the luxury staircase market. Today it can create almost unlimited designs, turn artistic concepts into perfect and practical staircase geometry, and help exacting clients to interact with their evolving designs in 3D. Staircon from Elecosoft helps it deliver at every stage of the process from design through to production.

From some of the biggest and most complex staircases in the world, right down to the plain old straight domestic flight, Excel Stairs can and does produce it all. It is increasingly known, however, for its designs for the high-end, luxury and often celebrity market. One reason it has been so successful at penetrating this lucrative niche is the fact that its design and production processes are supported by Staircon, augmenting the core skills of trained craftspeople. Read the full case study here.