Powerproject Feature Tour

 Watch these short videos below to see some of the key features that make Powerproject the preferred scheduling tool for construction professionals around the world who find it easy-to-use yet really powerful.

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Create a new project easily

See how easy it is to create a project plan with Powerproject. You can
get an understanding of how the software works quite quickly because
the interface is so intuitive – yet is also scalable for managing even the most complex projects..

Superior presentation

See how Powerproject enables you to impress with quality layout

Precise scheduling

You need to be able to rely on your plan being accurate. See why you can rely on Powerproject to help you deliver precise schedules.

Repeated tasks on one row

Working with repeated tasks on one row can save time and space on your Gantt Chart.

Easily integrate with other software

If you need to share files with people who work on other software Powerproject see how you can open files and work with templates for a familiar feel.

Filtering for managing sub-contractors

The ability to filter relevant information is ideal for sub-contractors who do not need to see the full plan.

Protection against litigation caused by delay

Powerproject helps give you an accurate record that can be crucial if you are involved in disputes over project  delay.

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