Construction project management
does not need to be complicated

See how you can plan construction projects quickly and easily with Powerproject

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Powerproject is ideal for construction projects

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You can set up projects
easily in Powerproject

Construction worker updating progress via iPad

Mobile progress updating

Our Site Progress Mobile app lets
you update progress from site

4D Visualisation of Construction Model

Visualise in 4D

With an integrated BIM module you
can link your plan to a 3D model

Plan your projects better

If you have avoided project planning software because you think it’s too complex – think again. This webinar will demonstrate how you can create an impressive plan for your construction projects quickly and easily and manage project progress to ensure that you keep on track.Our experienced presenter will demonstrate how to:

  • Create a project plan in minutes using drag and drop functionality
  • Identify the indicators that a project is going off track
  • Demonstrate how subcontractors are using software to communicate better with contractors
  • Create quick, real-time reports
  • Use ‘what-if’ scenarios to make up for unplanned delays
  • Update progress in your plan using mobile devices on site

Take control of your projects

Have you been avoiding construction project planning software because you’re afraid it’s too complex, too expensive, or overkill for your typical project? We will show you how easy it is to build a rock-solid construction plan using Powerproject. Our software has been used to plan construction projects of all sizes by large and small organisations.

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Powerproject at a glance

  • Easy to use Easy to learn so you can get started quickly.  
  • Mobile updating Update project progress quickly and easily from site.
  • Enterprise version For teams working together in a single project or empowering visibility across multiple projects.
  • 4D Planning Link your plan to a 3D model in one application.
  • Shared licensing Multiple users can share licenses making Powerproject very cost-effective.
  • Free viewer Share plans for with anyone for free, including BIM views.