Bring effective project and resource management to your company with Powerproject.

Our 8 minute video shows how Powerproject has been developed as a construction resource management solution.

Good resource management is an important to ensure a profitable project delivered on time! The right solution can enable you to deliver this for every project.

Watch this short video to see how Powerproject can enable you to take control of these resource management tasks:

  • Set up costs and resource libraries
  • Allocate resources and costs to project activities
  • Display cost and resource information in the spreadsheet
  • Track planned versus actual costs
  • Identify over-allocation

For over 30 years, Powerproject has been tailor made for construction. It has been developed using feedback from users working with the day to day challenges of managing construction projects and this means it makes scheduling much simpler, as well as being a highly effective, common sense, resource management solution.

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Customer Success Story

“Powerproject is also particularly good at modularising projects. The master programme can be broken down into work packages, and they can be filtered. This is obviously useful for subcontractors who do not need to see everyone else’s tasks, but can be provided with a succinct programme of their own works”

Ray Ferguson, GRAHAM Construction
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