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This webinar recording is a 45-minute walk through the practical techniques that can be used to assess, and then communicate, changes to a construction plan caused by the issues of replanning projects in a socially-distanced workplace. Our experienced presenter, Richard Ormerod, will illustrate the techniques using a Powerproject schedule.

What will I gain from watching the webinar?

  • You’ll see the impact of productivity reduction for a period using calendars.
  • We will show you how you can model the impact of varying start dates for trade contractors.
  • We’ll show the effect of procurement order delays
  • You’ll see how to highlight the impact of different issues on the completion date
  • We will show the reduced resource availability in relation to individual tasks and welfare provision

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    The speaker

    Powerproject Webinar Presenter - Richard Ormerod

    Richard Ormerod, Industry Sector Manager - Construction, Elecosoft

    Richard is a founder member of the Powerproject team and has over thirty years of experience working with project planners in construction.

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