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Margaret Conway, Project Manager

“I don’t use any other project management programmes. Powerproject is easy to use, and there’s no reason to use anything else.”

James Carpenter, Project Manager

“I’ve been with Kier since 2000, and we’ve always used Powerproject – it’s our standard. I’d definitely recommend the software to anyone. I know our planners find it easy, and I find it particularly useful as a tool to talk to clients.”

Ray Ferguson, Planning Manager

“We use Powerproject on all of our projects because it has superior functionality while being easy to use. The end product is much more professional and polished compared.”

Brandon Taggart, Resource Planner and Programmer

“Powerproject Enterprise is really powerful in comparison to some other systems, and it is very scalable, so you can grow it as large as required.”

Augustin Dufour, Project Director

“I think Powerproject is a great tool, and very powerful. As long as you know how a Gantt programme works, it’s quite easy to move to Powerproject.”

Mick Davis, Senior Planner

“Using Powerproject meant that our planners could work on the project in unison, regardless of their location, have the same visibility across the programme and get an accurate view of updates and progress to all areas.”

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