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Willmott Dixon Enables Site Managers to Take Direct Action on Progress

Willmott Dixon is wholly committed to bringing its people and more accountable for the use of time. To that end it is trialling the role that Site Progress Mobile tracking can have in enabling its project leaders and site managers become closer to its projects, more aware of project progress, and better able to manage the supply chain.

The business gains not only efficiency and greater accuracy in progress tracking, but is starting to enjoy a clearer and more accurate visibility of progress and position on the trial projects.

Willmott Dixon Georges Wharf PhotographAround two years ago, Willmott Dixon moved to Powerproject as its planning software of choice. Since then has been working to embed maximum business benefits, using it to help boost engagement and continuous improvement in project planning. Being well aware that planning is only part of the story, however, Willmott Dixon is also very keen to sharpen up progress management across the business.

About Willmott Dixon

Willmott Dixon is a specialist residential builder, operating since 1974. It creates nearly 2,000 homes each year for all types of tenure: affordable, care residential, retirement villages, housing for sale and private rent, plus student accommodation. The homes it creates come in all shapes, sizes and scales, ranging from stand-alone care homes to multi-phase estate regeneration projects, to create a new ‘destination’ for communities.

To assist it with engaging project leaders on site in progress management and project control, the company is now rolling out Site Progress Mobile, a companion app within the Powerproject suite. It has 19 licences, in use on projects across three of its five construction business regions.

An end to dog-eared paper

Progress tracking with Site Progress Mobile is a neat process that is a far cry from ‘the old days’ that Paul related: “It used to be an old-fashioned process. The project lead would print the programme out, and hand it to the manager, who would walk out on site with it. It invariably came back dog-eared and dirty, and the progress updates wouldn’t always be right.”

The beauty of Site Progress Mobile is that I can allocate sections of the programme at the start of the week to our people for the areas they are directly responsible for, and they can track things as they actually happen during the week and then automatically send their updates to the programme.

The addition of Site Progress Mobile is generating some tangible benefits. Paul told us: “We know they are saving time. For bigger jobs, a project lead could spend half a day walking round a job, just to track the progress on a piece of paper, and then would have to put it into software and interpret it. Getting everybody involved is saving their time, and also making it more accurate, by virtue of it coming from people who really know what is going on, but have never been able to engage with it in the past.”

It is directly supportive of the initiative to get more employees personally engaged with time: “Everyone can now take responsibility for time. We’re finding this tool is making it easier to build progress tracking into what our people do, rather than it being yet another thing that they have to do for someone else.”

Balfour Beatty “It’s easy, there’s a nice display, it’s succinct
and it make sense as you scroll through it”
David Grant, Balfour Beatty Read Case Study
Mace “You can almost synchronise the project
as you walk back to the site office”
Raj Chaman, Mace
Mace “Getting everybody involved is saving their time, and also making it more accurate” Paul Hoskins, Willmott Dixon Case Study Laing “Site Progress Mobile is very user friendly” Tim Huxtable, Laing O'Rourke

What is Site Progress Mobile?

Site Progress Mobile for Powerproject  is a downloadable app which enables mobile users to record the progress of tasks and repetitive events from a remote location against their work as scheduled in a Powerproject project plan. Each user sees only the relevant tasks and progress check lists for which they have responsibility.

Site Progress Mobile enables you to:

  • Record project progress quickly and easily via mobile devices or web browser
  • Control which user updates which task list
  • Improve data accuracy by removing the need for re-keying of updates
  • Update progress at any time, from any location – without having to open Powerproject
  • No signal needed to record progress – only when submitting updates

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Powerproject at a glance

  • Easy to use Easy to learn so you can get started quickly.  
  • Mobile updating Update project progress quickly and easily from site.
  • Enterprise version For teams working together in a single project or empowering visibility across multiple projects.
  • 4D Planning Link your plan to a 3D model in one application.
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