Asta Powerproject version 14.0.02

is now available

Asta Powerproject has over 100,000 users worldwide and continues to evolve with customer feedback. Users love it because it works the same way they do and it’s about to get even better.

Read about the new features in version 14.0.02

What’s new in version 14.0.02?

Asta Powerproject version 14.0.02 brings several enhancements

New features and extended functionality in this release include the ability to:

  • Create new summaries and charts by right-clicking in the project view
  • Display heat maps in resource usage views
  • Constrain tasks to complete within a specified time period
  • View a task’s complete chain of linked predecessor or successor tasks
  • Store the original duration of each task before any progress has been applied

Plus earlier enhancements from version 14.0.01 included  ability to produce S-curves, assess and identify risk and share Asta Powerproject BIM projects with a free BIM enabled viewer. To see details on the 14.0.01 features click here.