Flexible licensing and deployment
options for cost effective access

There are three licence types available for you to choose from, with the option to share licences
between team members for increased cost-effectiveness
Our simplest licence where the software is installed and licensed on one computer only, either as a one-off cost or subscription option

The licence can periodically be transferred to another machine if required. The project data is stored as a single file which can be saved on a local drive or a shared location.

A Single User Licence can be purchased on a perpetual basis with a one-off cost, or via a subscription option (minimum term 6 months) for those that want to spread the cost of the licence.

To contact one of our team for a quote based on your needs, with volume discount options available, see How to buy Powerproject.

Customers in the UK and Ireland can purchase single user licences online here.

A cost-effective way of letting more users have access to the software by sharing licences on a server and bringing down the overall cost of purchase considerably.

The software can be installed on any number of Windows machines which all point to a central location on the internal company network where the Asta Licence Server is installed. The licence server counts how many people are using the software and ensures that this number does not exceed the licensed quantity at any one time. A concurrent licence allows multiple people to work on the same project file if that file was saved into a shared location (such as a network drive or cloud storage) but only one person would be able to edit it at any one time. Concurrent licences can also be temporarily loaned for a predetermined time to a designated machine – allowing Powerproject to be used when offline from the company network.

To contact one of our team for a quote based on your needs according to the number of users you need to share access, see How to buy Powerproject.

Powerproject SaaS a version of the software running in the Cloud and is not installed directly onto the user’s device.  The system uses Citrix to deliver the software which can be accessed from different devices, provided there is a stable internet connection and the device supports Citrix (which includes Windows PC, Mac, Android & iOS devices).   We do still recommend a mouse is used for interacting with Powerproject.

Powerproject SaaS is ideal for Mac users or those who require access from multiple devices.  Licences are sold on subscription basis with a minimum term of 6 months.

This licence option is currently only available in UK and Ireland. For pricing information call our team on 01844 261700 or email info@elecosoft.com 

Powerproject Enterprise

With Powerproject Enterprise, local and server licence options are available with fully collaborative access to a shared database of project data. This provides all users with shared real-time access to projects, sharing of project resources, integration with other business critical systems and visibility of all projects.

  • All projects are stored on a central server
  • More than one person can work on the same project at the same time
  • Changes are propagated in real time to all users
  • Locks data at task level to prevent conflicts