Timber frame software created and continuously developed in the UK

Framing is the preferred industry design platform for timber frame and floors.

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Introducing Framing

We are a key provider of timber frame and floors software solutions – successfully developing and providing design -led software for the construction industry for over 20 years.

Our solutions are used for today’s demanding and evolving manufacturing requirements. Framing provides digital output for automation of factory production.

Why people choose Framing

Framing is the longest established timber frame software in the market, with the most combined customers in the UK and Ireland.

  • Simple and quick to setup and use
  • Dynamic updates
  • Cassetted or loose flooring
  • Direct machine and saw links
  • Quality support from industry trained staff
  • Wall framing, including closed panel functionality
  • Comprehensive training
  • Export via IFC
  • On site consultancy
  • Single environment for drawing, scheduling and output

Design software for Manufacturers, Structural Engineers and Design Practices

Framing, the design tool for timber frame and floor construction is a modular solution to fit the needs and requirements of today’s offsite construction market. Operated extensively by manufacturers, structural engineers and design practices, the software is used for the detailing of timber frame buildings in 3D, producing comprehensive material schedules, manufacturing drawings for manual production along with direct links to industry automated machinery and saws. Designed to work on many Autodesk® applications, Framing is the preferred industry design platform within this industry.

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Pinewood “The benefit it brings is not just using that data itself but linking it everywhere in the business.
What comes out is not just a drawing - it's all the information we need to run our business.
It can help us order, track costs, and be so much more than people imagine a drawing can be.”
Nick Worboys, Quality Manager, Pinewood Structures
Mactaggart “Working without Framing software would be challenging and largely unfeasible. We can process much
more design output using the software than we could do on a drawing board – plus, manual
designs issued to the factory could not program our machinery. It would be hugely inefficient,
and there is always the potential for human error.”
Colin Alexander, Design Manager, Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems Ltd

Flexible and cost-effective licensing