A solution to meet your needs

Designed to fit the need of the individual company, the wall framing functionality is offered in different levels to enable you to purchase capabilities and functionality based on your current needs. Additional functionality and options can be added to the base functionality as required to suit your specific design / manufacturing requirements.

Why people choose our Wall Framing Module

Designed to work on Autodesk® AutoCAD® or Architecture platforms (and other vertical products), Framing is the preferred design platform for the timber frame industry. Support is for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of AutoCAD® and Architecture. You can customise your frames and assemblies extensively using a comprehensive set of properties designed to cater for a wide range of design and manufacturing practices, and watch as the frames automatically update to accommodate the changes.

  • Automatic creation of 3D model
  • Fast, easy-to-use detailing tools
  • Standard AutoCAD® productivity tools
  • Multiple output styles available as standard
  • Easy customisation for client specific details
  • Rapid editing tools
  • Customisable junction styles
  • Automatic or manual roof planes
  • Seamless generation of soleplates and headbinders
  • Quick and easy insertion of dimensions and tables