The complete marketing solution for interior products

Interiormarket is a modular, synchronised product and service package which controls your classic and digital marketing activities from a central database. Each package can be selected independently.
ESIGN Scan Service

Use the ESIGN Scan service to digitalise your interiors products up to individual dimensions of 2350 mm x 1350 mm, and create reusable product, detail and structural photos. The high-resolution photos are suitable for all areas of classic and digital marketing, and form the data basis for the ESIGN Rendering service and Interiorstudio.

ESIGN Rendering service

On-demand marketing materials without any photo shoots or setup work – With the ESIGN Rendering service, we create new, printable marketing materials in a prompt, cost-effective manner to facilitate the designing of brochures, folders, trade fair flags etc.


Expanded service portfolio for digital marketing channels, product representation, video production, room photo creation and available seminars.