On-demand marketing materials without any photo shoots or setup work – With the ESIGN Rendering service, we create new, printable marketing materials in a prompt, cost-effective manner to facilitate the designing of brochures, folders, trade fair flags etc.

Benefits at a glance

Marketing materials

  • Flexible and dynamic production of
    new surface/assortment and ambiance photos.
  • Cost reduction during the production and localisation of multi-lingual print media.
  • Effective multiple use of all room photos and product scans for the production of new marketing materials.
  • No need for costly and time-
    consuming photo shoots and set-ups. Unique 24-hour service: You can react quickly to dealer inquiries and can provide customized support for your partners during the production of brochures and the design of marketing activities.
  • Free archiving of all room and product photos (product scans) for new combinations of representation

Diversity in visualisation

  • Natural-looking depictions of floor, wall and ceiling coverings as well as furniture surface materials.
  • Cost-efficient visualisation of entire room scenarios.
  • Sharp structural focus and detail precision of product surfaces.
  • Adjustment of light and shadow as well as colour temperature.
  • Realistic rendering of 3D surface structures.
  • Perfect representation of the diverse installations of floor covering (including designer flooring products).
  • Free selection of perspective as well as camera position and light placement for surface photos.
  • Light reflections for bevels follow the path of light.
  • Subsequent optimization of plank distribution and joints.

Application areas

  • Diverse uses of the generated ambiance and surface photos for the production of brochures, collection folders or advertising materials for trade fairs, etc.
  • Efficient usage of product visualisations for digital marketing activities.
  • Effortless use of the processed room and product photos in ESIGN web applications.
  • Effective provision of product catalogs for dealers/installers or architects.
  • Media-neutral archiving of ambiance and surface photos.
  • Provision of new room photos for the flooring industry via our platform www.roomimage.de.