The high-end scan service digitalises your interior products on a scale of 1:1.

The high-resolution product photos are suitable for all areas of classic and digital marketing, and form the data basis for the ESIGN Rendering service and Interiorstudio.

Variable image resolutions for product photos

The ESIGN Scan service offers product scans in various resolutions. Each product can be digitalised on a scale of 1:1 or 1:2. The selected scale determines the maximum size in which the product photo can be used, depending on print resolution and angles

Benefits at a glance

Technical advantages

  • Digital product capture in various degrees of resolution, independent
    of format and in the original size.
  • Every spot of the surface is captured at a constant angle and with constant, homogeneous lighting.
  • No lens distortion around the edges or differences in colour and brightness as
    in photographs.
  • Special structural scans allow the rendering of a surface structure with three-dimensional effect and even lighting across the entire area.
  • Consistent colour management
  • (ICC workflow) according to ISO 12647.

Quality of visualisation

  • Consistent quality for different product formats based on uniform scanning scale.
  • No loss of quality for unfavorable proportions of length and width (e.g. floorboards sized 2,200 mm x 180 mm).
  • Very small scanning distance of 10 to 15 cm.
  • Brilliant colour and surface repre-sentation.
  • Extremely sharp structural focus and detail precision of product surfaces.
  • Special surfaces such as brushed or hand-scraped ones, etc. can be visualized in detail and over the entire area with a three-dimensional structural effect.

Application areas

  • Variable generation of scan data in various degrees of resolution (scales
    in terms of original size: 1:1 and 1:2).
  • Various uses of the product scans for digital and classic marketing materials.
  • Media-neutral archiving of product scans.
  • Smooth data import of the product scans in the ESIGN applications.
  • Efficient usage of the digital data for the ESIGN Rendering service. Can be combined with all room photos from the roomimage picture service.