One platform combining the strength of retail and online 

Materialo is our specialist online product presentation platform. It offers a winning package: displaying materials, patterns, colours and options in specific interior settings.

Our easy-to-use platform allows its users to get a realistic sense of the best option for their desired preferences, intutive navigation gives the ability to compare their favourites at any time with just a few clicks. This makes Materialo one of the most effective ways to use visualisation technology to convert potential clients into real-life customers. 

The realistic visualisation of fabrics, paints and materials plays an important role in the decision-making process. There are three main factors that determine how well this tool works: how realistic is the image? Does it actually show all the options? How quickly and easily does the presentation tool work? 

With Materialo Integrate – it couldn’t be any easier or more flexible. This excellent mapping technology can be used in combination with your own interior images and the Materialo Cloud to create your own front-end shop. 

In order to display the full range of products on your website or online shop, you can use the convenient Materialo Integrate scripts to generate the images you want hassle-free. All your product images and your current collections are all securely available in Materialo Cloud, this includes all the neccessary detailed information and selected preferences. 


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