The coherent link in all your projects 

Memmo is a web-based project handling tool that saves you time and money by collecting all the information about your project in one place for everyone to access when they need it, wherever they are. It’s the perfect solution that puts you, and your team, in full control. Drawings, project plans, logging of activity and other documentation is available at every stage of the project to all involved to ensure a timely progression from design to completion.

Manage your project from idea to construction

Whether you are a small company looking to centralise your documentation or a large enterprise needing to streamline your business, Memmo will manage every aspect of your project whatever the scale. All information is saved in the same online system with a complete history of activity. 

Memmo is delivered as a secure cloud-based service, which means low installation costs and easy access to all information whenever and wherever you are. It gives you the freedom to work out of the office from either a tablet, directly on your phone or using a computer, with all devices giving you the same up-to-date information. 

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