Compression Software – optimise 3D data for easy transfer and use in all areas of communication

o2c is optimised for integration into websites, word documents,
PowerPoint presentations and digital product catalogues.

Why choose o2c?

o2c – objects to see – is an ideal marketing tool for all areas of communication and knowledge transfer. o2c is optimized for integration into web-sites, PowerPoint- presentations and digital product catalogues. It can make your products come alive through animation, interaction and realistic, reflection. The o2c technology enables you to present three dimensional objects in a compact format at a very high speed. You can view detailed 3D objects in the o2c player detailed from all angles, animate elements for presentation purposes and simulate complex movements.


o2c enables you to show products interactive animated 3D and with

  • photorealistic quality
  • highly compressed files
  • high frame rates

The advantages of virtual 3D presentations against 2d pictures are:

  • Units of a product can be seen and “touched” in 3D before starting the production
  • Complex product attributes can be explained concisely and clearly
  • Overlooked potential issues (e.g. complicated production processes) become clearly visible
  • Motion sequences get easier and can replace exploded drawings

o2c-Files can be created easily, direct from the construction CAD data.

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Benefits of using o2c