Project management software that binds all your projects together.

Sitecon is tailored to optimise the support it provides to project managers as well as ordinary tradesmen, site managers and supervisors in companies of all sizes.

Sitecon was intended to help with tasks as diverse as keeping track of projects and sending out invoices. You can also use the new Sitecon Web to enter work orders and times directly unto your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The basic version has templates for construction and installation, but Sitecon is also available in five trade-specific versions. There are versions for members of the following trade bodies: EIO (electricians), PLR and MVR (sheet metal and metalworking), TiB (roofing contractors), Golvbranschen (GBR – flooring), and others for plumbers firms.

The program also makes it easy to share the information with others, either by e-mail or over the network.

Sitecon features include:

  • Keeping logbook
  • Managing variations
  • Easily saving e-mails and attached files to project folders
  • Recording hours worked
  • Managing work orders
  • Creating documents based on templates
  • Using internal checks and checklists with checkmark and signature functions.

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