Designed to fit the needs of your company

Staircon’s modular architecture enables you to add functionality to the software as your business grows or needs change. Different licence levels are offered and feature sets range from web-based presentation to advanced CAM-production. See below for some of the options. Click on an application for more detail:

Desktop applications

Staircon Sales

Design and sales with 3D-view.

Staircon Professional

Production full-scale drawings with DXF export option.

Staircon CAM 3/4

Link to 3 or 4 axis CNC machine.

Staircon CAM 5

Link to 5 axis CNC machine.

Staircon CAM 5+

Link to 5 axis CNC machine, including arc details and Z-risers.

Ad-on modules

Export 3D

Let your customer see the staircase they envision, send them the 3D file.

Edit database

Customised software.


Calculate price of the stair with the push of a button.


For manufacturers who already have a CAM software for 3-axis machining in place, DXF for CAM provides an efficient link to Staircon Professional.

Export 2D

Export plan view, side view and/or production details to DXF files.

Fixture positioning

Automatic positioning of beams and pods to hold the pieces on the work table.

Step split

For machines that can split steps or popup fixtures.

Web applications

Staircon Online Designer

Design your stair on the web.