A Eurocode-compliant sizing tool for steel and timber post and beam structures.

Developed using the latest technology, Statcon Structure Post&Beam was created to make it easier to design Eurocode-compliant timber or steel post and beam structures.

Why choose Statcon?

The system handles construction timber, Kerto, glued laminated timber, steel sections and lightweight I-beams. It’s very fast, easy to use and can be adapted to individual needs. The calculations are performed automatically in a process called finite element analysis (FEA). The selected national application is used to verify the design and the program contains a built-in “design guide” that simplifies the input of the input data. The results are displayed on screen in graphical form and as a table.

PLEASE NOTE: Statcon is only available within Nordic countries, for interest from other countries with a Eurocode inclusion please contact our Swedish team

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Benefits of using Statcon