The biggest event yet

The Asta Powerproject National User Forum was held on
Wednesday November 4th, 2015 at the Clore Centre at The British Museum.

Asta Powerproject BIM

Watch Ben Taunt, Sales Manager talk about Asta Powerproject BIM at this years Asta Powerproject National User Forum.
The lecture hall at the British Museum was full to capacity this week as around 300 construction industry players flocked to the Asta Powerproject National User Forum at our biggest event yet. The crowd was united not only by a desire to continue to drive ever more successful projects, but to understand the ongoing BIM evolution of our flagship planning product.

This mainly UK audience may have been already aware that Asta Powerproject has already helped to create much of London’s modern skyline. They were less aware that, with over 100,000 users, it has been used to support developments around the world. It now forms the heart of a growing Asta Powerproject BIM and project management toolbox, as well as being an important pillar of the parent Elecosoft group’s growing portfolio of innovative software.  We were delighted to have Nick Caw, chief executive of Elecosoft plc, join us to show his support and explain where Asta Powerproject fits into an exciting business vision of products supporting all aspects of design and build, and which have huge potential for cross-development, shared IP and integration.

AstaPowerproject-NUF-Photo3On a truly British and very wet Autumn day, planners from across the country gathered to hear Jason Ruddle, MD of Elecosoft UK, open the session and outline the history and future path of a product developed in the UK and which now supports contractors around the globe.  Its extensive usage was powerfully illustrated by Tekin Guvercin of international executive partner FND, who discussed project usage from Istanbul, St Petersberg, India, the Philippines and the Middle East, amongst others. Rusty Hamilton, President of Catalyst USA Inc., along with Jim Dawkins from Elecosoft LLC, added American examples of great project planning in a significant market which is embracing Asta Powerproject very rapidly, and which will soon benefit from a fresh software edition tailored to its unique needs.

Watch the featured presentations

Jason Ruddle, Managing Director, Elecosoft UK Ltd 
John Lorimer, Chair of the BIM Academy: A Tick in the Box 
Customer user presentation – Tim Huxtable, Senior Planner, Laing O’Rourke and James Horton, Senior Planner, Mace
How Asta Powerproject is being used in the USA – Rusty Hamilton, President, Catalyst, Jim Dawkins, Elecosoft US LLC.

A powerful keynote session by John Lorimer, chair of the BIM Academy, gave everyone pause for thought. He laid out a compelling argument for BIM as a driver of digital evolution for the construction industry, akin to other general purpose technologies which changed industries, such as steam or mass production. Taking a tour through some landmark examples of BIM in practice, such as the Manchester Library and Sydney Opera House, only served to reinforce the message of change and show how BIM is becoming core not only to construction, but to ongoing asset and facilities management.

The capacity crowd were treated to some glimpses of what the future holds for Asta Powerproject BIM, this year and beyond, and shown just how much user input has influenced its path. The company has actively asked for feedback and for users to flag unmet needs for over a quarter century – and continues to maintain its commitment to user-led design. Senior planners Tim Huxtable from Laing O’Rourke and James Horton of Mace outlined how that works in practice, explaining their work and that of numerous other major contractors on the Steering Committee which now consults about new Asta Powerproject features, usability and BIM evolution.

After delegates then explored different aspects and potential of the product in flexible afternoon tracks and sessions, the event concluded with a first-look reveal for users about the upcoming v14 launch of the core product, before breaking up into a lively networking session, lubricated by a generous supply of drinks.

All in all, this amazing day served not only to reinforce and bring to life the increasing momentum that Asta Powerproject is gathering globally but to help us get to know our users even better.  We simply can’t wait for an even larger and more exciting event next time.