Elecosoft, Sweden’s leading construction software provider and Tyréns, Sweden’s largest construction and environmental consultancy release a new tool for the calculation of a buildings impact upon the climate. By linking CO2 values to quantification calculations, you will be able to compare environmental effect and costs in an early stage.

The tool is a new module in Bidcon, one of the Swedish construction industry’s most well-known spreadsheet programs, and provides an opportunity to set CO2 emissions against the cost already in the calculation.

There is an increased demand of life cycle analysis (LCA) among construction constructors and real estate companies in Sweden. By LCA a building’s overall environmental impact is calculated, from raw material extraction and on to production, transport, use and disposal. As the LCA analysis has become more common, the demand for a quality assurance tool to calculate the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions has been increased.

“The Bidcon CO2 module makes it possible to compare different building parts in terms of climate impact and its cost, which makes it easier for decision makers to make sustainable, long-term good environmental choices”, says Andreas Forsfjäll, Product Manager at Elecosoft.

Elecosoft develops software for the construction industry and has for some time been investing in its vision to deal with the environmental concept in its Bidcon cost estimation software.

Urban and rural consultant Tyréns perform a variety of life-cycle analyzes and helps to continuously provide the climate affecting resources in Bidcon with underlying CO2 values.

“The calculations are clear and pedagogical basis for decisions, and can be used to compare the environmental impact of different options, quickly see the impact of product changes and new materials, and communication of environmental performance“, says Ulf Wiklund , Business Developer at Tyréns.