J Breheny Contractors is one of the largest privately owned Civil Engineering companies in the UK with a proven ability to complete complex and high standard builds on time and within cost even in the most challenging of environments.

The Margate coastal defence works project undertaken by J Breheny, where coastal conditions made project management with accurate project scheduling critical, illustrates how Asta Powerproject is good at managing particularly challenging projects where the precise sequence of tasks is central to the project’s success.

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Coastal conditions make accurate scheduling essential

The sea-front location of this project meant that contractors had to work around environmental constraints, including tides and migrating birds at the pier, which dictated when work could be carried out. In addition, Margate is a public beach so public health and safety had to be at the forefront of the agenda and the area needed to be retained for a high level of security.

Asta Powerproject helped solve the puzzle

The project had many sections and stages. However, having everything planned in Asta Powerproject from tender stage enabled it to run smoothly. The project management software enabled J Breheny to separate out the tidal from the non-tidal times and see it all on one bar.

The project required a lot of bespoke pre-cast units. Planning to have them produced and delivered in the correct sequence was business-critical. Placing them was complicated, “like a jigsaw that has to be pieced together between the tides”.

This was a one-year project and required J Breheny to try to work through the whole season, juggling jobs around particular times to fit in with tidal shifts. When the tide was in, they were able to work on the promenade, harbour arm and south sea wall above high-tide level and when it was out, work on the remainder of the sea wall could continue. Each day, they worked around the tide-timings using Asta Powerproject to see as-built information on how the programme will work and adjusting the schedule to make the whole puzzle fit together.

Asta Powerproject’s features fit the business model

Certain features of Asta Powerproject worked particularly well in this irregular working pattern, including not having to extend the programme to accommodate the staggered work pattern that was dictated by the tides and conditions, and the way in the line can be split out into tasks and jobs in target bars – a feature that other software just doesn’t have.

Business Solutions developed a webbased system to automate the invoicing process, which freed up resource to be deployed more effectively elsewhere,” explained Robert. “This project was quite complex and Asta Powerproject helped us to manage each stage of development, from design to delivery. It is particularly good at managing highly structured projects.

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J Breheny uses Asta Powerproject for pinpoint sequencing in coastal defence works

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