InCo Projects is a modern and progressive company that provides contracting and consultancy services for the construction and management of building projects. Jonathon Stanton, 4D Planner at InCo Projects describes what he likes about Powerproject BIM:

“We chose to use Powerproject BIM because of its instantaneous progress update abilities. Changes to programme dates are immediately reflected in models. Combined with the ease of use of the Powerproject gantt interface it is much simpler and saves time rather than working between multiple software.

What I like most about Powerproject BIM is it’s simple and clear traffic light approach to showing delay. It becomes much easier to visually show a project team the impact of delays.

Using Powerproject BIM will help me with my work by allowing me to more clearly demonstrate to a project team/client the current status of a project and where issues lie, through use of the linked 3D model.

I really like how it allows you to demonstrate changes live in a meeting situation providing great benefit to the project teams visualisation of the construction sequence.

Further, working side by side with our modelling team we will be able to set up naming conventions to best use the ‘Product Search’ feature which allows you to immediately link having set up naming conventions already, and save valuable time when linking models based on the library we build up.”