Free licenses for construction related courses

We support tertiary institutes and offer lecturers and students free Powerproject
software licenses for use on construction related courses.

Why choose Powerproject?

Powerproject is widely recognised as a leading scheduling software solution for construction throughout the world and is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. It is being used in many U.S. universities where students are finding that by working with Powerproject on their courses they can gain valuable skills to support them in their future careers in the construction industry.

  • Institutions are able to apply for as many licenses as needed for their courses
  • We will ask you and your student to sign agreements before your software is issued
  • One named lecturer per course will have free technical support for the duration of the academic year
  • Just fill out the form below and we can get you set up for all students on your course

If you have not seen Powerproject software before and would like to give it a try out before using on your course, just drop us an email and we will set you up with a free trial so you can see for yourself how easy it could be for your students to use

Powerproject BIM

Our free license offering for students also includes the Powerproject BIM module to allow project schedules to be linked to 3D models for 4D planning. This is a skill that will be vitally important to students when leaving university and entering the industry.

To request the free licenses, an authorised officer of the educational establishment can complete this form to start the process.

Students should contact their course leader or establishment’s IT team to gain licenses.

Elecosoft’s free Powerproject license offer covers recognized teaching establishments offering relevant training courses. Licenses are issued to the college or university for use on their computer network on a rolling annual basis and not directly to each student. Once installed on the network however, using our license manager software the establishment can then issue their licenses onwards to student machines for a time-limited basis, if they wish.

We will only use your details included in this form as outlined in our privacy policy.

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