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How to develop a Time Impact Analysis for construction schedules

As projects get underway, the construction schedule needs to be progressed and updated to develop an as-built schedule. This as-built schedule will be used to notify the owner of the current status of the project and alert the subcontractors of upcoming work items. The contractor will also utilize the as-built schedule – for comparing to the baseline schedule to analyze variances from the initial schedule, as well as from month to month.

In addition, the baseline and the as-built schedules can be utilized to perform Time Impact Analysis (TIA) to document and justify time extensions. Powerproject allows the users to identify and document new tasks, identify the impacts on the completion date, develop the fragnet, compare to the baseline, and print as documentation for time extension requests.

This webinar will focus on the ease with which Powerproject enables the users to develop a TIA.

  • Develop the baseline process
  • Discuss which schedule to use
  • Adding new tasks or splitting existing tasks for the impacts and changes
  • Coding to document new task and fragnet
  • Analyze the effect on the project completion date
  • Printing to show the fragnet to request the time extension
Wednesday 18 November, 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM